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How Travel Chatbots can help travel agencies

Travel Chatbot

Traveling has become the greatest hobby and passion for millenials, as a result this huge hike has agreed to disagree about the traditional way of customer service delivered through travel agencies. Gone are the days when a spokesperson was recruited specifically to solve the regular, general and the mundane queries of travelers. How boring it would be to solve the same old questions everyday? Quite tedious, right? With all the advancements in digitalization, the concept of approaching an agency and solving doubts sounds ridiculous now. Travellers and agencies have to keep up with recent trends too. But how? How can queries and answers be automated such that it becomes readily available on the customer’s fingertips?

Moreoever, consider this situation- your customer is asking for a query regarding your favorite traveling questions and your results seem forever to deliver. Happened with you too? Well, for those dear Travellers, the heart yearns what it wants. As much as they love traveling, they also do love to get answers regarding the same as soon as possible. So why not design an automated response for the same? Why not make answering questions as easy as asking them?

Planning a trip requires much more tenacity than travelling itself does. Hence, each detail should be carefully scrutinized and planned lest any last moment changes. Travelling should always have a Plan A and a Plan B both, and therefore it can be quite a task for travellers.

Although travel industry is one of the most glorious and the most enthusiastic, adrenaline-in-the-nerves-gushing-out exciting industry, one often can find himself in a dilemma when planning for the same. And unfortunately with the many options provided, our plans go haywire in the same way as too many cooks spoil the broth. Hence, it is very important to get one singular source for gathering information, but a trustworthy one. 

Ofcourse, planning requires calling, emailing, ticket bookings, finding affordable ranges, and so many activities- but how will one person manage all these meticulous planning? It would be quite oppressing to assume that all of this can be handled by a traveler or a representative of the same. So what can one do?


A conversational travel chatbot

The very word ‘chatbot’ has become quite a jargon in today’s AI-powered world. And this word isn’t very unfamiliar with the travel industry too. It’s due time that the travel industry gets digitally revolutionized for the empowerment and development of such effective chatbots which can not only help a traveler to proceed with his queries but will also be able to book and do all those activities which were on his feeble shoulders.

All the online travel industries and agencies can remain testaments to this increasingly ubiquitous revolution in the creation and effective usage of chatbots. A survey indicated that millennials are more inclined to viewing and surfing websites that have a working chatbot. AI has poised the way of traveling and the day isn’t far when chatbots will be far from a gimmick and will be the working face of the travel industry.

Revolutionizing the Face of Travel Industry
Saves Time

Most of the queries faced by travelers are minimal and require very little attention. However, engaging a human representative for the same can often be a crucial waste of manpower. Genuinely, AI has progressed in leaps and bounds, but definitely not much that it can beat human power. Hence for such minimal general queries, one can obviously configure a chatbot that will not only fold-up manpower but will also provide travelers the ease of low-waiting and answers at the reach of their fingertips.

If the bot is trained enough to answer frequently asked questions, it can also lessen up the agency’s processual workload. As a result, the entire procedure of dialing up a representative and listening to the monotonous tune as the speaker tries his best to find an effective solution is long gone. This will lead to your company’s…

Increased Efficiency

From a managerial point of view, an AI approach to the regular questions will work as a carrot motivation and release the employees of their mundane jobs, resulting in cultivating their skills into something which an AI cannot handle. As a result this will increase efficiency and swift response time to your client’s queries. An increase in efficiency will obviously lead to higher sales and popularity due to…

Customer Interaction

When you are in a travel agency, from a managerial point of view, for customers who do not live in the time zone as you may face a problem, as their queries may get answered after one whole 12 hours. Obviously, to minimize this problem, one can always employ round the clock representatives in two or three shifts. But what good will it do financially? To eliminate the problem once and for all, one can use chatbots. Chatbots provide 24*7 coverage all around the year.

This means all of your customer’s queries get answered as soon as it is asked, which leads to…

Customer Engagement

When already on a trip, one can face many hassles like what can be an affordable hotel or which restaurant serves the best authentic food- Such queries need a quick reply as the traveler wouldn’t be waiting all night long hungry or homeless ( or in this case, hotel-less). Such situations require quick solutions that can be given by chatbots, par timezones. This will add up to a level of personalization as chatbots will become more of a “personal assistant”. Using systemized or non systemized (NLP- Natural Language Processing) queries, one can make a chatbot understand vague queries like “best hotels in Goa” or “Find me trains between Kolkata and Surat on 5th June”. This interactivity and the scope to be flexible will boost more engagement than ever. Not only that, but it will also lead up to saving extra money on the employment of customer care representatives, leading up to…

Financial Flexibility

The ease of chatbot platforms will eliminate the need for staff centralized only for customer services and/or queries. This will lead the business to focus only on the main content of the very mission of the business.

The conversation between a bot and a customer, i.e automation can be seen and viewed from the very day of the installation. If the chatbot deems ineffective in some queries, it can quickly transfer the control to its human counterpart. Moreover, maintaining and investing in a chatbot will decrease your cost-per-chat by almost 50% than it was required to maintain a human cost-per-chat.

This will definitely generate higher revenue with marginalized cost cuttings and as a result will benefit the millennials and the travelers of today to get a concise solution to all of their queries. With cost-effectiveness and saving time, AI conversational chatbots will be the new goto medium of conversation for the travel industry.

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