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Travel Chatbots for Hotels

Hotel Chatbot

Earlier travels hinted upon ease of wandering and the fun of unpredictability to roam and enjoy the beauty of traveling. However, the millennials of today feel that it is better to deem upon the surety of travel rather than ending up stranded in an unknown place. The primary concern of any travel ends up in searching for hotels and gearing up your hotels to be their prime option. Travel chatbots for hotels can help boom up your industry threefold due to the wonderful beneficiary factors it provides.

The hotel industry runs on the very waters of human behavior and courteous treatment. A well-treated customer is similar to a walking advertisement, as he will refer your business to more and more people, owing to your good behavior and services. A badly treated customer can end up turning the tables on your good reputation which took years to build. Hence, schools that train students for this HORECA industry, make the student an all-rounder in academics, teamwork, commitment, and flexibility, etc. It is very essential that this industry performs the same old tasks with increased efficiency each and every time. Sounds quite familiar with a particular script written for the same right? Well, you guessed it right. What can be better than a chatbot for these monotonous duties?

Texting is the new cool. Millennials are more comfortable ‘texting-it-out’ rather than calling and seeking information. Most of your customers would prefer talking to a chatbot rather than a customer representative for the same. However, let’s see the ABCs of how a single chatbot can benefit hoteliers.

Answering Customer Requests

Most of the queries asked by customers are repetitive and need a quick reply. A survey conducted found out that nearly 63% of the queries need a rapid redressal. For a customer staying in the hotel, a chatbot can easily tend to questions like extra pillows, towels, room service, laundry, cleaning services, etc. Hence this will basically clear your house for placards and menus suggesting to dial and/or call the manager for the smallest queries.

Bi-lingual and multilingual chatbots

Many travelers often don’t know the language you speak. A foreigner in India will totally get lost as most Indians are not well acquainted with the language. Hence, in such cases, a chatbot will be able to change languages and communicate as per your client’s needs and languages- hence breaking the very language barrier. This edge of personalization will guarantee a better flock of customers flowing in your hotel.

Chatbots or Alarms?

Chatbots can also store your customer’s own personalized data. Eg as soon as they check in to your hotel, chatbots can store the time and remind them of their checkout time. Also, if they have some future trips planned for the same, sponsored by your hotel, chatbots can serve as a reminder for that too. It can also be helpful for sending notifications or managing various events hosted by your hotel. They can also regularly inform your customers about various services like spa, swimming pools, etc. They can also respond or book table reservations and manage their room reservations etc.

Dinner, Lunch, Breakfast- at customer’s fingertip

Often, your guests are in a hurry and need food delivered to their room as soon as possible. Miscommunication can lead to improper service resulting in the terrors you always felt threatened about. Hence, your guests can book food in advance and it will be effectively delivered too. Chatbots can efficiently display the menu and guests can select their favorite cuisines from the same.

Efficient Marketing Tools

The traditional email marketing is long gone now. Marketing through chatbots is more efficient. Owing to the personalized and engaging conversations, it is far more likely that the rate of conversation is faster and several times higher than the traditional email. Moreover, even when you or your staff aren’t at the hotel, you can easily manage your business outside your hotel too. The business now is not limited to the four walls or boundaries of your workplace. Chatbots regularly check in on your guests and provide replies and answers quickly. Hence, in a way, your business is now open 24*7. This will lead to better bookings and higher feedbacks for your system. The most obvious perk of having a chatbot is it’s all around the clock availability. This double-checks that none of your customers are left unattended. The consistency of your chatbot will amaze you as it will work with the same tenacity it did before a few hours too. usually, each customer query is tended to, however for conversations beyond its level of complexity, it can easily handover the control to a human representative for taking over.

This will not only increase popularity, but it will also ensure that each of your guests walks out of your hotel as a walking advertisement.

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